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Radial engines based on long-time knowledge, with exceptional sound and power for new possibilities within the RC aircraft universe. On our homepage you will find more details about the history of Seidel radial engines, the takeover, the new Swiss company and technical details of the engines.


06.06.2022: Temporary break on production and sales of engines.
The actual economic situation with high increase of raw materials cost as well as amazingly high lead time on material and manufactured parts don't allow us to sell engines without financial lost. We will use this time out to review our engine and, if confirmed, take over some improvements. Please understand this exceptional situation.

24.01.2022: Major damage due to SparkSwitchPro from PowerBoxSystems.
Following some damaged electronic boxes, the manufacturer has discovered a none compatibility of the SparkSwitchPro made by PowerBoxSystems. At switch on, a very short high current is required by the Radial engine electronic box, unfortunately the SparkSwitchPro can't handle this and fatal damage can occur on the Rainbow-Tronic device.
The manufacturer will not recognize engage warranty repair anymore if this damage is discovered on a defective ignition electronic box.

New company, new management and perpetuate knowhow!