About us


The Team of Seidel Engines is before all a group of RC builder with complementary competences for Long time vision. Our wish is to produce and deliver a high end product and provide Quality Service in order to perpetuate an extraordinary knowledge of radial engine development. Thanks to supervised work with W.Seidel, the father of rc radial engines, history is preserved and go on with modern Management and sales of Seidel Engines associates.

MR Martin, co-founder of Seidel Engines is rc builder since years, he is graduate engineer in mechanics and has professional skills in product Management and sales. He will answer your demands.
Cédric, also co-founder, he is doing the most flight hours to our products for validating purpose and presentation at air shows. CL
EB Eric, key Person on Seidel Team, he is a first class technician and master assembly of our engines. his Long time experience in industrial mechanics and rc modelling set him as unavoidable for our production.
Philippe, last co-founder, he has confirmed professional skills with shipping and taxes. His favourite plane, GeeBee with radial engine, naturally! PV

Wolfgang, the funder of Seidel Triebwerke, he works today for us to insure the Transfer of assembly technics, does also maintenance on older engines and develop the future.


The diversity of parts and small quantities bring us to work with local supplier. Dimensional Quality control is Basement for reliable assembly which is exclusively done at our end. This Permits us to insure best Quality of the delivered product.

Today we have successful assembly and sales of the SE100, by side we work hard on the finalisation of a 160cc 7 cylinder radial. Development of the Extension of our product range is on the way too.


Main target is to produce Quality products which will work several years. To insure durability of Seidel Engines we aim to provide best Service to our customer. Even if the engines are made for Long time use, we are able to provide maintenance and repair for our production and limited servicing on older Generation of engines. Availability of spare parts depends highly on the model.